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Hand made crafts

We make a range of hand made crafts which include wrapping paper, woven rugs and runners, scarves and greeting cards including selling online.


 Making wrapping paper is a useful introductory activity for workers new to crafts. The process enables workers to freely experiment with colour combinations and can quickly yield attractive results.  A range of textured templates featuring abstract and figurative designs provide the basis for a brass rubbing technique. Layers of richly coloured crayons can be subsequently polished to produce attractive effects.

Greeting cards are made with pressed flowers and leaves cultivated on site or in the walled gardens - and provide a link for Crafts with Horticulture.  Skill building opportunities arise in every stage of the process – from the gathering and pressing of plant materials, the creation of background panels, to the assembly and packing of the cards themselves. Backing panels can involve a range of media including paints, inks and wax. A selection of our designs are available for sale from our website.

The workshop also makes Christmas cards – design and manufacture commences in July. While still handmade, Christmas cards tend to involve some level of mass production – small relief wax rubbing templates for example - allowing higher quantities of individual styles at lower prices. The cards also provide an ideal opportunity to feature illustrations by Brunswick workers.

 Crafts possesses a variety of looms allowing workers to both share in manufacture and, in certain cases, work exclusively on particular rugs. There are smaller looms for beginners. Experienced weavers can produce more complex pieces - requiring the use of two shuttles for example. Some workers also assist with the preparation of warps and the threading up of looms. 

Workers also make scarves using an industrial knitting machine and a variety of fancy yarns such as chenille and silk.

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